Utilizing artificial intelligence to refine trading tactics, BisafeAI Exchange delivers tailored insights and instantaneous analysis, amplifying decision-making prowess. Prioritizing user satisfaction and profitability, it transforms trading landscapes, presenting an intuitive platform and actionable guidance. BisafeAI Exchange enables traders to harness AI-driven innovations, optimizing their performance amidst the dynamic cryptocurrency realm.

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Batch 1 Price
1 BIAI = $0.0075
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BisafeAI Exchange stands as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX), fueled by the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI). This platform extends advanced trading functionalities and profound insights to its users.

Through AI algorithms, BisafeAI Exchange elevates trading efficacy, refines strategies, and delivers tailored suggestions, appealing to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency traders, spanning from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

Why opt for BisafeAI Exchange?

Cutting-edge AI Technology: Leverage advanced AI algorithms to swiftly analyse extensive datasets, enabling well-informed investment choices that may lead to increased profitability.
Streamlined Trading: Empower users with automated trading capabilities, allowing them to execute strategies based on pre-set parameters or AI-generated signals.
Enhanced Diversification: Provide access to diversified portfolios, distributing investments across various assets, industries, and geographic regions to mitigate overall portfolio risk and bolster long-term stability.
Liquidity: Improve liquidity by matching buy and sell orders more efficiently, thereby reducing slippage and improving the overall trading experience for users.
Improved Liquidity: Enhance liquidity by efficiently matching buy and sell orders, thereby minimizing slippage and elevating the overall trading experience for users.
Robust Security and Compliance: Prioritize security and regulatory adherence, implementing stringent security measures and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Max Supply: 1,000,000,0000 BIAI
Total Supply: 100,000,0000 BIAI
Circulating Supply: 100,000,0000 BIAI
Fully Diluted Market Cap (FDV): $0.00
Lock Supply 9,00,000,000,000 BIAI
Pre-Sale 70,00,00,00,000 BIAI
Exchange Liquidity 20,00,00,00,000 BIAI
Airdrop & Referral 10,00,00,00,000 BIAI

BisafeAI (BIAI) Token Utility

BIAI fulfils several crucial roles within the ecosystem:

  • Governance: Holders of BIAI possess the authority to engage in significant platform decisions, shaping the trajectory and regulations of BisafeAI by participating in proposal voting.
  • Liquidity Incentives: Users who contribute liquidity to the platform's pools receive rewards in $BIAI tokens. This system encourages the maintenance of robust liquidity pools, essential for facilitating efficient trading.
  • Fee Advantages: Holding BIAI may grant users discounts on trading fees, fostering active involvement and prolonged retention of the token within the BisafeAIecosystem.
  • Exclusive Access: Possession of BIAI may offer early access to new launchpads or pools, providing holders with a competitive edge in yield farming or trading opportunities.
  • Staking Rewards: Staking BIAI not only bolsters the security and operational reliability of the platform but also grants users staking incentives, augmenting the token's utility and attractiveness


Phase 1: Planning and Research (Q1-2024)
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Conceptualization
Phase 2: Development (Q2-2024)
  • Platform Development
  • AI Integration
Phase 3: Testing and Optimization (Q3-2024)
  • Beta Testing
  • Optimization
Phase 4: Launch and Marketing (Q4-2024)
  • Launch
  • Marketing Campaign
Phase 5: Growth and Expansion (Q1-2025)
  • User Acquisition and Retention
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Global Expansion
Phase 6: Community Building and Partnerships (Q2-2025)
  • Community Engagement
  • Strategic Partnerships
Phase 7: Continuous Improvement
  • Feedback Loop
  • Technology Advancements

Team & Advisors OF BisafeAI Exchange

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9 Year’s Experience in Blockchain Startup And 100+ Experience Team, Work in Blockchain startups like Blockchain, ERC20, TRC20, BEP20 & AI.

Email : [email protected]

How to buy

1. Connect your wallet & change network to Binance smart chain.
2. Enter USDT amount then click "BUY". Make sure you have enough USDT to buy & cover gas fees.

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Frequently asked questions

To claim the BIAI Token, follow these steps
After the Token Generation Event (TGE), you'll have the opportunity to claim coins on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. You'll need to manually withdraw them from the platform during the TGE. The TGE and listing process will commence once the presale is completed.
What are the BisafeAI (BIAI) tokenomics?
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Ticker: BIAI
Max Supply: 1,000,000,0000 BIAI
Total Supply: 100,000,0000 BIAI
Circulating Supply: 100,000,0000 BIAI
Fully Diluted Market Cap (FDV): $0.00

Locked Supply: 900,000,0000 BIAI
Pre-Sale: 70,000,0000 BIAI
Airdrop & Referral Program: 10,000,0000 BIAI
Exchange Liquidity: 20,000,0000 BIAI

Presale Starting Price: $0.0075(01 JUN 2024)
Listing Price: $0.075 (01 JAN 2025)
How many Batch BisafeAI (BIAI) will have in the presale?
We have a dedicated allocation of 70,000,0000 BIAI Specially for Pre-sale (Foundation, Marketing & Ecosystem) in 7 Batch. Unsold tokens will be added to Exchange Liquidity.
What is the price of each Batch?
The price and amount of BIAI Tokens you can find below:

Batch 1: $750,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0075 / 1BIAI
Batch 2: $10,00,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0100 / 1BIAI
Batch 3: $12,50,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0125/ 1BIAI
Batch 4: $15,00,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0150/ 1BIAI
Batch 5: $17,50,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0175 / 1BIAI
Batch 6: $20,00,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0200 / 1BIAI
Batch 7: $22,50,000 (10,000,0000 BIAI), $0.0225/ 1BIAI

Each Batch is 30 Days, If Sold Before Time, the Next Batch Start, So Buy Early.
The total allocation for all batchesis 70,000,0000 from the total supply.
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How to Add BisafeAi (BIAI) in Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Over 400 Other Walletss

1. Copy the verified BisafeAi (BIAI) contract address, which you can find on [BscScan]( or in the BisafeAi (BIAI) whitepaper.

2. Download or open Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or any other compatible wallet. Paste the contract address into the search tab to find BisafeAi (BIAI), then click on BisafeAi (BIAI).

3. You can deposit and withdraw BisafeAi (BIAI) in over 400 wallets via BEP20.